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Ups and Downs

After a long break from posting, it starts to feel harder to develop a worthy update. I don’t feel like this is one, but perhaps it will break the barrier and I can… Continue reading

Going Higher

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Alan Gordon and a friend of his as they worked on a film to document ice climbing on the Mendenhall Glacier. Their location near the medial moraine… Continue reading

Ancient History

I know it was a long time ago because of how much hair I had in the photos taken during the trip, but though my memories are faded by time, I couldn’t help… Continue reading

Portrait of Happiness

  If I were only allowed a single portrait subject for the rest of my life, wouldn’t it be an obvious choice? Della’s charm continues to overcome my limitations as a photographer, the… Continue reading

Late Season

When the family embarked on a short whale-watching cruise last weekend, it was already nearing the time that most of our humpbacks begin their very long journey southward (don’t we all like the… Continue reading

Chang of Pace and a New Place

Where else can you boulder on previously untouched rock with a thundering waterfall and cool blue glacier as a backdrop for photos? If there is a silver lining on the cloud of rapid… Continue reading

Glacier Gallery 2

I’m happy to announce a major update to I’ve added a second page to the Glacier Gallery that feature images ranging from recent highly acclaimed work (NPN Photo of the Month) to… Continue reading

Birthday Girl

This isn’t the type of photograph I intended to share here, but look at this girl. How could I not want to share about my daughter, Della, through every possible outlet? Besides, nobody… Continue reading

Three’s Company

Here is the last installment in the Veratrum series. It’s my favorite of the group, so I hope you enjoy it.


It’s difficult to know where to start in an undertaking like this, and to be honest, I haven’t determined exactly why I’m starting this blog in the first place. Like many other “bloggers”,… Continue reading

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