Tracy Arm – Ford’s Terror Wilderness: Day 1

I recently returned from a week-long trip into the Tracy Arm – Ford’s Terror Wilderness. The trip was part of a class I am taking through Discovery Southeast, and as it’s title was… Continue reading

More Than Pictures

Occasionally, my photographs tell a story, but far more often, they are simple pictures. I don’t mind. My primary concern is that the pictures portray a place or a subject in a way… Continue reading

Because of Beauty

Recently, I was asked to give a reason for the faith that I have. Many of the ideas I have about why I believe – that God exists, that He is sovereign, and… Continue reading

2013 Summary

As I prepared to post this collection of photographs as a reflection on the past year, I took a look at the summary I made at the end of 2012 and learned a… Continue reading

You Never Know

Just over a week ago, the weather forecast changed at the last minute to predict clouds and rain on a day my brother-in-law and I were scheduled for a late-season hike. The “window… Continue reading

Partial to Patterns

Do I like patterns and repetition? Well…I’m a math teacher…what do you expect? The ridges in this section of the glacier would soon be overtaken by shadow, but the last rays of daylight… Continue reading

Light Painted Ice

In this photo from a very rewarding recent trip to the end of the West Glacier Trail, the thin dusting of snow has added to the glacier’s ability to reflect all the colors… Continue reading

At The End

This is another photo from my most recent visit to the glacier. Between the photo in my last post and this one, I spent several hours trying (unsuccessfully) to make photos in the… Continue reading

We Are Not

As tempting as it may be to think more highly of ourselves than we ought, I believe that finding satisfaction in our diminutive position in the midst of time and space is somehow… Continue reading

Endless Intricacy

Standing in the middle of one of the most grandiose landscapes Juneau has to offer, I was trying to get my tripod to work upside down while I pointed my camera straight at… Continue reading

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