Satisfaction if not Completion

A stand of trees has been calling out to me for months and maybe even years to a lesser extent. They are spread along a beach on the opposite side of a small… Continue reading

Prayers Answered

These are a few photographs from a recent trip to the Shrine of St. Therese, where the conditions I was hoping for were realized upon arrival. With our climate and weather patterns, the… Continue reading

Over Again

The topic of whether the world needs another photo of a beautiful sunset has been discussed and written about ad nauseam. Those of us who want to continue taking and sharing photographs have… Continue reading


This entry has been a long time in coming since the idea for it originated over the Christmas holidays, and we’re now pushing close to February. While family and friends were visiting, I… Continue reading

Considering Composition

If Subject is the connection to the outside world and Light is the connection to the moment, then Composition is most certainly the connection to yourself. If Composition is the connection to yourself,… Continue reading

Considering Light

When you were first being taught about a camera, you were told that a photograph is a record of light (hence the name “photograph”). The only thing coming in through the lens and… Continue reading

Understanding Your Subject

As an example of the kinds of things you would hope to know about your subject before you try making meaningful photographs of it, I would like to link here to an article… Continue reading

Thanksgivings Flow

My day has been busy enough that this post won’t be going up until Thanksgiving Day is already over for almost all of you. Still, I wanted to include some response to one… Continue reading

…Continuing Subject

In the last post, we developed an understanding of what Subject is in terms of photography. Along the way it became clear that the concept is expansive as far as what it includes,… Continue reading

Considering Subject

There is a debate that occasionally comes up among photographers (though it is usually more of a conversation) about what things matter most in an artistic photograph. Of course the end desire is… Continue reading

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