The Universe and Human Existence

The northern lights are undeniably one of our planet’s most glorious and awe inspiring natural phenomena. Acts of terror that result in the murder of innocent children are as vile and horrific as… Continue reading

Gratitude Vector

Suppose I awoke one morning to find that my old, heavily used, somewhat abused bicycle (the one I have ridden to work and back every day for the last five years) was gone,… Continue reading

Joy in the Light

There’s something about light. It is energy, and it is warmth. In a very literal way, light is life here on Earth. While one can hardly believe it’s possible, light is even much… Continue reading

Taking Some Time

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve actually been reading more words on paper than on a screen in the last couple weeks. As a result, I’ve spent more time thinking…and less… Continue reading

Revisiting Blue Obsession

Much thanks to my friend Alan Gordon, I received several copies of the Juneau based documentary that I played a small part in filming. The film, originally conceived as a potential entry to… Continue reading

A Rose by Any Other Name

Earlier today, instead of spending another half hour extolling the virtues the SAT and the ACT, I engaged my “Advisory” students (most of them) in a simple, online adaptation of the Myers Briggs… Continue reading

Thoughts From Discomfort

With big fat flakes floating down from the sky when I left the house, I dressed appropriately for a heavy snow. By the time I reached my chosen coastal location, I should have… Continue reading

Don’t Forget This

Sharing this photo was spurred partially by a comment I read earlier today about nature being the true artist. I feel obligated to modify the statement to reflect that God is actually the… Continue reading

When Time is Short

I think that the biggest reason that my collection of photographs made on and around the Mendenhall Lake is so extensive is that it is the easiest (totally gorgeous) location for me to… Continue reading

Let It Out

Do you ever shout for joy! I’ve been on some amazing summits when the light of the moment moved me in a way that demanded to be vocalized. Usually I can’t just let… Continue reading

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