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Revisiting Blue Obsession

Much thanks to my friend Alan Gordon, I received several copies of the Juneau based documentary that I played a small part in filming. The film, originally conceived as a potential entry to… Continue reading

Mendenhall Playground

After several days of trying to get this footage to upload in a single video…I gave up. My computer and old, cheap video editing software are not up to the task of dealing… Continue reading

Ice Cave Short

This video is from a couple separate evenings where this cave was the most interesting subject available.

An Afternoon of Climbing

This video serves both as my own meager attempt to share some of the excitement of glacier ice climbing and some behind the scenes documentation of Alan’s continued efforts to collect footage for… Continue reading

Goodbye Old

I thought this video would make a fitting farewell to the old year. Happy New Year everyone!

Mendenhall Icebergs and Falls

As far as I know, this waterfall remains unnamed since being revealed by the receding glacier a few years ago. The easiest approach is by kayak; any other access would require either a… Continue reading

Tracy Arm Visit

This post features another experiment in video sharing. The Tracy Arm cruise with Adventure Bound was a seriously fun day, and while the weather was pretty wet, the glaciers did not disappoint. I… Continue reading

Ice Climb Short

Corey was climbing and I was photographing at the glacier again the other day. We had a blast on the brief outing, and I ended up with a great collection of photos. There… Continue reading

Something New

The day before the whale watching tour, I spent the evening out on the Mendenhall Glacier with my good friend Corey. It’s quite rare for either of us to be somewhere new on… Continue reading

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