New Gallery Image – Cave Cascades

I’m excited to be adding a couple new images to the “Mendenhall Caves” gallery. The first image, “Cave Cascades”, is new to the TKM Journal altogether, and I feel like its classic composition (near-to-far with a dominant foreground) makes it instantly appreciable to viewers. The photo also marks a return to only a few feet from the spot where I recorded some of the most memorable images from last summer. As such, it provides an opportunity to see the evolution of this particular cave under the Mendenhall Glacier.

Cave Cascades

The second image, “Cave Light”, has been featured in a previous post, but it’s inclusion in the gallery provides the opportunity to appreciate a larger version without leaving the website. Though some rules of organization are roughly applied to this photo, the color of light and the flow of the water were the aspects of the scene that justified the creation of the image. They remain the centerpieces in an experience of the finished print. Please keep in mind that all photographs included in the galleries are available for purchase as prints, whether to be matted and framed or printed onto canvas. Also, if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to take some time to enjoy all the photos in the very unique “Medenhall Caves” gallery.